Charlie Muhler
Director of Communications

Charlie brings a very deep base of knowledge to Valley Forge Financial Group through his thirty years in the Financial Services Industry. He has been employed by large mutual life insurance companies, small insurance agencies and has been a self employed agent. Through all of these opportunities he has an understanding of client needs, agent and insurance agencies needs. 

He currently holds a PA and NJ life, health, property and casualty insurance license. In addition to that he has had eight and a half years employment with The Vanguard Group in part with the Flagship department and held a 6 and 63 securities license. 

Charlie received a degree in Finance thru Jefferson University formally Philadelphia University. He was a fifteen year non insurance business owner and is quite aware of the risk and needs any business owner may face. 

Charlie has two phenomenal children, his son is employed at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia Pa. and his daughter is a Junior at Towson University, in Towson Maryland.